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Stream Energy in Murphy: For the Customer and the Community

With Stream Energy in Murphy, Texas customers have the opportunity to play a larger role in the company than just paying a monthly electricity bill. They're part of a growing community. Along with a variety of Stream Energy plans at competitive supply rates, Stream Energy in Murphy offers consumers the chance to spread the word about the company's dependable customer service with the Ignite program.

Discover the options available for Stream Energy plans

At Stream Energy in Murphy, you might have more than one option for your electricity plan, and you have the power to choose which supply rate is best suited for the needs of your home or business. There could be a number of plans available in the Stream Energy service area, and you should do proper research to learn about each of these plans and those offered by other retail electric providers. Some of the plans that Stream Energy offers include stable supply-rate plans, variable supply-rate plans and green energy plans.

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LucasMcKinneyMelissaNorth Branch
RichardsonSachseThe ColonyWylie

It is important that customers living or operating a business in a Stream Energy service area who intend to purchase a long- or short-term electricity plan understand what they'll get with each monthly energy bill.

With helpful customer service agents and Stream Energy's assistance portal PowerCenter, consumers in a Stream Energy service area can rest assured that someone will be there to guide them should they have any questions or concerns about their electricity supply. And to simplify the processing of paying monthly bills, Stream Energy allows its customers to make automated one-time or regularly scheduled online payments.

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Power Max 12

12 Month
$ 0.079

per kWh


1-year Electrical Service

12 Month
$ 0.085

per kWh


3-Year Electrical Service (High Credit)

36 Month
$ 0.088

per kWh



Freedom To Use Plan

12 Month
8.1¢ $ 0.081

per kwh

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Stream Energy is lending a hand in the community

To encourage a stronger community and a more involved customer base, Stream Energy gives back to Murphy and its surrounding areas through volunteering and charitable donations. Stream has long been an advocate of Captain Hope's Kids, the Dallas-based agency that provides critically needed items to homeless children, and Ragan's Hope, which financially and emotionally assists parents of children suffering from catastrophic illness.

Take a look around for more information about Stream Energy plans and competitive energy supply rates offered by other retail electric providers in your service area, or call now if you have questions on getting a new energy supply rate!